Empty Cosmic Gloom

by The Ghostwood

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released 18 February 2013

Recorded, Produced, & Mixed by James T Whitten
Drums tracked at Word of Mouth Studio, Algiers, LA
Organ tracked at The Living Room Studio, Algiers, LA
Organ on "Fleas" and "Won't See You Again" performed by Holly Hobbs
Artwork by Rebecca Taylor-Perryman

The Ghostwood is:
Jonathan West, Guitars and Vocals
Billy Baxley, Drums
Andrew Monteverde, Guitars
Christopher Francioni, Bass



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The Ghostwood New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: Fleas
panicked, sweaty hands
pushing their love away
like you don't have a choice
you could lose your mind
from words so unkind
spoken in a voice that sounds like yours

taken, lost, or just dead
symptoms of the dread in your heart
incurable, unforgiving
makes life seem not worth living

all the plans you made
wilt and wither away
can't do nothing about it
it still hurts when you
don't regret the things you've done
but you're missing someone

taken, lost, or just dead
give in to the dread in your heart
incurable, unforgiving
makes life seem not worth living

the termites are clacking
at your windows and doors
the silverfish and moths
that hide in your chest of drawers
the fucking fleas
living in the cracks of your hardwood floors
they come back to bite you in the end
they come back to bite you
and to destroy your home
they come back to bite you in the end
Track Name: Empty Cosmic Gloom
it struck me with the force and might of a meteorite
what I should have seen coming through the starlight in your eyes
you dove in to the darkness of the universal black
you blasted off and you ain't coming back

i wish i had spent more time
staring up at the night sky
fantasizing all the rockets we'd fly
if you hadn't left so soon
to pilot a spaceship
circle the moon
and navigate your way out of this
empty cosmic gloom

the earth is an oasis in a desert of despair
but love still fizzles out here like so many solar flares
now i'm just getting older while you travel at light speed
when a day or two is all i need
Track Name: Mangel
It's been cold, dark, rainy days
in the vieux carre
ever since you left me here
sprawled on the sidewalk
we're so far way from the night that i met you
and we walked by the riverside
you asked me if i
if I could get tired of
tired of this gutter life

wish I had shown you
what I most hide
cashed in that safety net
and made you mine

i realize now
that we had so much in common
both from the eastern shore
got piss drunk, slept on the floor
made believe that our parents didn't love us anymore
you climbed that bridge
only to jump from it
ending our crescent city connection

wish I had shown you
what I most hide
cashed in that safety net
and made you mine

i should have known there was something wrong
when you were acting all strange
you looked and smelled so good
down on that pavement
and oh
you were all covered in mange

you're my little mangel
all covered in crust
the river rocked you, knocked you
turned you to dust
Track Name: Won't See You Again
they praise
while i'm in a daze
i can't retrace
the last the you said to me
memories lost
and you're in your grave
and you've been replaced
by old cliches
"in some afterlife we'll meet"

they take comfort knowing
but i'm certain where you're going
i won't see you again
there'll be no reuniting
desperate deathbed words, despite them
i won't see you again

you figure your heart's well made
then it pumps the breaks
it's sudden and costly
but death is the boss of us all
all you gave, i won't betray
with old cliches
there is no better place than right here with me

there was good intent in the words spoken
but it robbed my heart and it left me half broken
how could i resent all the time wasted
when all you found sacred i denied
Track Name: Give Up
disappointed everyday
every morning's just the same
i've given up before I wake up
so bored with everything
so sick with self-loathing
so tired of maintaining
that everything will be ok
if I just make it through today

deny it all, but there's no doubt
i'm ugly on the inside, where it counts

unmedicated's not alright
but these drugs they got me feeling
like i'm underwater
and i ain't got no fins
switched off the oxygen
so i can't anticipate the slaughter
of everything about me that I liked
you won't see me put up a fight

deny it all, but there's no doubt
i'm ugly, on the inside, where it counts

more than a few degrees off
drinking much more heavily
setting goals to break the mold
but giving up real easily

giving up is so easy
won't you please give up with me?
Track Name: I Was a Teenage Against Me! Fan
i was a teenage against me! fan and
i never knew it was wrong
cuz I'm all about the sing-alongs
but i never really got those songs
now i come to find out
they were singing about anarchy
well I never ever wanted to be one of those kids
cuz those kids they just bother me
Track Name: Classic Dilemma
running off
i thought it was the source of all my problems
i figured coming home would inevitably solve them
i reunite with a city that's been busted
supposedly at the mercy
of these villains i never trusted

cuz it's too early
to feel this dirty
i never thought that I would want to leave again so soon

taking hold
to the best of my ability
my friend, my family, the ones i came back here to see
will this town always be this rotten
will we take our place beside the forgotten, the downtrodden

taking off is to sell my soul
but i would rather leave this place before we reach a brand new low
i need to find a place
some place where I can grow
should I stay or should I go?
i don't know
but it's a classic dilemma
and that makes me feel alright